Energy Supply

Shut Off

Location Sticker

Have you ever been at home and find yourself needing to locate the main energy shut-off valves or switches in a hurry?


Energy Supply Shut Off

Location Sticker

'Corporate Edition'

SupplyFind is ideal for your brand to remain visible for years. 

We apply your logo and required text or URL to the top Right Hand Corner.



  • Lessen irrelevant urgent call out costs.

  • Reduce downtime of tradesmen locating the various Switches/Valves.

  • Minimise potential repair costs due to immediate action being taken.

  • Tenant relocation costs could be reduced.

  • Corporate Branding along with Emergency Numbers on constant display.

  • Demonstrates a responsible added layer of safety for the tenant at a minimal cost.


* When that DIY task turns into a Nightmare!


* When you come home and smell gas!

Screenshot 2020-02-06 11.00.34.jpg

* When an electronic device gets so hot it starts to burn!

Screenshot 2020-02-06 10.36.47.jpg

* When you just need to do some maintenance.

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