SupplyFind fitting instructions

Super easy to apply to your kitchen cupboard door.

1, Fill in with Permanent Marker

Fill in the sections with the relevant details preferably with a permanent marker pen.

4, Peel Away Backing Paper

Peel the sticker away from the backing paper ensuring the sticker does not accidentally stick to itself.  

2, Clean Surface of Door

Clean the application area, typically the inside of the cupboard door under the kitchen sink. Allow to dry completely.

5, Align Sticker to Door

Align the sticker in the desired location and hand apply to door smoothing out any air bubbles. 

3, Wet Door Surface 

Spray a light mist of glass cleaner onto the cupboard door, this can help to remove and reposition the sticker. 

6, Smooth Out with Dry Cloth

Using a dry cloth in an outward motion push firmly into place. Allow 24hrs to dry.